Thursday, 7 April 2011

Literature Wales Writers’ Bursaries

Glad to see that bursaries for authors will continue to feature as part of the brand new Literature Wales (formerly Academi) remit. Also that they have opened up eligibility to the authors (text rather than image) of graphic novels, with awards being offered in this category to Carol Swain for the wonderfully named, Gast, and to Huw Aeron for his retelling of the ancient Welsh epic poem Y Gododdin.

The eight successful novelists working in English are: Robert Minhinnick, working on Limestone Man, a follow up to his 2007 novel Sea Holly. Susie Wild, Cynan Jones, Lorraine Jenkin, Tia Jones, Angharad Penrhyn Jones, Julia Crompton (writing as Julia Forster), and Romy Wood. Rachel Trezise will use the time/money to work on her new collection of short stories.

Emily Hinshelwood has secured a travel grant to journey on the Heart of Wales Line, researching climate change in Wales for her new poetry collection.

New Writers’ Bursaries have been awarded to: Jonathan Edwards, Richard Roberts, Angharad Penrhyn Jones, Karl Drinkwater, Huw Aaron and Mari Lisa.

The Welsh-language recipients are Gwyneth Lewis, Meic Stephens, Arwel Vittle, Aled Jones-Williams, Tudur Hallam, Alan Llwyd and Mari Lisa.

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