Sunday, 20 March 2011

Wuthering Heights on Stage

Aberystwyth Arts Centre's production company this week kickstarted their series of medium-scale literary adaptations to stage with Lucy Gough's Wuthering Heights, now touring the rest of Wales. Gough's version, directed by Mark Babych, emphasises the circularity of bad behaviour, warns how not to treat the cuckoo in the nest, has the servant Nellie - even more than Cathy, though with less destructive intent - transgress the stratifications of society, the domestic and the wild, and is worth it alone for the scene of Heathcliff giving birth to Cathy from the grave. And the soundtrack. And the feathers. One lesson from this play: the soul is a delicate thing which shouldn't be trapped like a bird on the moor or within the corpse of a lover. In an ideal world.

Audience feedback forms include questions on the book, TV and film versions. Touring now to Cardigan, Brecon, Taliesin Swansea and The Riverfront, Newport: definitely worth a night out.

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